Asset Disposal

Eventually, your prime movers, switchers or rail cars reach the end of their useful life and can no longer be economically refurbished or repaired. At that point, the only remaining solution is scrapping. Our teams will dismantle and /or cut-up (if permissible) your retired units or wrecks on your premises across Canada. Alternately, if your rolling stock is still in transportable condition, we can provide a wider option of scrapping services at our yard in the Montreal area.

RB Railway Group Inc. has strong roots in recycling – in fact, it was one of the pillars of RB Group at its inception. While we have broadened our industry expertise to cover the entire rail value chain, our Recycling Division is still a major part of our company. Our ability to safely recycle material while extending the life of viable components allows us to provide incremental value for your scrap metal.  Our services enable our clients to manage their scrap as an asset.

Integration distinguishes our service, setting us apart from others in the industry. When locomotives and railcars are retired, we refurbish the reusable parts, incorporating them into our extensive inventory, and recycling what remains. The proceeds on the sale of the scrap can then be used to offset new equipment purchases or other services, to help positively affect our customers’ cash flow.