Diesel Engine Exhaust Systems

Macroflex traces its roots to Railmex Flexible Systems Inc., a company that started fabricating heavy diesel engine exhaust systems in 1985. All our exhaust components are made to original OEM drawings and met or exceed the quality of the original components. Our manufacturing expertise involves Alco/Bombardier, General Electric and EMD (General Motors) exhaust systems, along with selected bellows connectors for other engine brands. Although the core business remain the Alco-251, GE-7FDL and EMD 645 engines, our engineering department frequently develops existing aftermarket or new design exhaust parts. Among them are GE EVO series, various CAT manifolds, Waukesha, Wärtsilä, Fairbanks Morse and others.

Our global markets include:

  • Class I Railroads (US, Canada, Mexico)
  • Class II Railroads (typically regional railroads)
  • Class III Railroads (switchers, terminal, small local, scenic, historical)
  • Various size, unclassified international railroads
  • Government (Navy, Coast Guard)
  • Merchant Marine Fleet (worldwide)
  • Set Stations (municipalities, industry with continuous power needs, data centers, etc.)
  • Oil Industry (pipeline flow boosting stations, oil platforms, refineries, etc.)

RB Railway Group Inc. operates as a distribution arm of our manufacturing facility is uniquely positioned to combine its worldwide marketing and supply of diesel engine spare parts in offering exhaust components to the same marketplaces.