Flexible Components

Pipe Motion Products section of RB Railway Group promotes an expansion joint and metal hose manufacturer – Macroflex Piping Systems. Macroflex’s principal begun his career in this area in 1977. His activities included founding and operating Railmex Flexible Systems Inc. between 1985 and 2008.

Today, the same principal, along with his engineering and production personnel operates Macroflex, extending a rich tradition in manufacturing and distribution of diesel exhaust systems, metal, rubber and ducting expansion joints for industrial, rail transit and marine applications. Our engineered, non-standard expansion joints and metal hose assemblies are designed to absorb piping thermal expansion eliminate vibration from engine sources, pumps, compressors and randomly moving equipment.

Our expertise begins with customer’s isometric drawings where we calculate piping movements and stresses. Further steps include suggesting anchors, supports and hanger placement. Finally, we design and fabricate an expansion joint to your particular application, all in accordance with EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturer’s Association) guidelines.

Our promise of Excellence in Design, Engineering and Manufacturing results in supply of superior products, guaranteed to give you years of trouble-free and safe service.