Engineering Services

RB Railway Group Inc. provides a variety of engineering services. Our activities in this area cover all stages of engineering development:

Concept, feasibility study, cost estimate, documentation, production supervision, project commissioning, etc.

  • Rolling Stock
  • Material Handling
  • Mechanical Structure
  • Mechanical Seal
  • Power Hydraulics
  • Pipe Stress Analysis – computerized study of your piping system, design to show motion and stresses at selected points under changing pressure and temperature conditions.
  • Piping System Design – calculation of thermal movements, placement of anchors, guides, supports and expansion joints.

All documentation may be (if required) endorsed by a professional engineer.

The scope of our involvement may be limited to one particular file or an entire project.

When applicable to Diesel Engine Components or Flexible Connectors, RB Railway Group Inc. provides you with a full scope of services for your project: from design stage to (reverse engineering or new parts design) production and supply.