Brokerage Services

RB Railway Group Inc. can supply you with locomotives for sale or lease through our brokerage business unit. We offer those services on “where-is, as is” basis, or by providing repair/modification services, as required by our clients.

RB Railway Group Inc. has provided locomotives, major components and replacement parts to several hundred rail clients since our founding. Heavy locomotive rehabilitation and upgrade programs are RB’s specialty.

A transaction flow may contain some or all of the following components:

  • we receive an inquiry for a locomotive(s) or engines with general specifications from our client (preferred make, model, condition).
  • we consult our inventory and look for available units among our many North American short line and industrial clients who have their own excess inventory.
  • we find the unit that is as requested or as close to customer’s specifications as is possible. We may suggest a slightly different locomotive that could serve the customer needs better that originally specified.
  • we produce an inspection report with list of possible repairs (if needed) and presented to our client.
  • if a customer (based on our report) wishes to repair/upgrade/modernize the unit he is purchasing, we receive a list of desired repairs and/or modifications.

This may include items ranging from simple AAR inspection and fluids change to specified repairs and all the way to a new paint scheme. All that work would be done in an RB-affiliated repair facility at a previously agreed upon and itemized RB Railway group will secure all transit permits and ship the unit(s) to a customer-designated port of exit (if transported overseas).

  • RB Railway Group Inc. will secure all transit permits and ship the unit(s) to a customer-designated port of exit (if transported overseas).
  • once at destination, RB Group offers optionally setting up repair facilities (where previously non-existent or not set-up for newly acquired brand of motive power).
  • lastly, we offer a training program by our mechanics, technicians and/or engineers to ensure that your new facility is adequately ready to service your new purchase. We provide this service on any continent as designated by our intermediary client (investment/management company overseeing a railroad) of an end user.

Our mission is to meet our client’s price expectations with a selection of motive power (Alco, GE, EMD) that has adequate power for your hauling needs. Our reach is global – we can source in North America and move your newly acquired locomotive to as far as a remote track in Africa or just locally.