Reman Program

An engine is only as good as the parts inside it. Moreover, when your gas engine’s core parts are not in proper working order, engine efficiency declines – as can your overall profits. To increase performance, RB-REMAN – remanufactured core parts program for Alco, EMD and GE gas engines delivers genuine OEM or OPM parts that meet OEM’s exacting standards and specifications at a fraction of the cost of new core parts.

Customer Benefits

Increased uptime. With a long-standing reputation for durability, we understand that uptime is everything. That is why RB-REMAN program offers only new remanufactured – not just rebuilt components.

Enhanced reliability. No other parts provider offers our holistic and systematic engineering process to remanufacture reciprocating engine parts, and we back it up with our standard warranty covering progressive damages.

Lower operating costs. Our RB-REMAN parts are priced at approximately 30-40% lower than new genuine parts and are trusted to go the distance to maximize your ROI.

Smaller environmental impact. Our RB-REMAN parts deliver efficiencies for manufacturing material and energy consumption, making our operations as environmentally conscious, as you would make your engines perform.

Every RB-REMAN part is remanufactured to the original specifications – or the latest evolutionary specifications – and designed to deliver as good as or better than original performance. Using CNC technology in the remanufacturing process helps us achieve same high standards as original manufacturers (OEM) parts.

These commitments to quality help ensure that REMAN parts work effectively with other genuine mating parts to increase performance, decrease wear and reduce risk of defect.

We offer two types of programs:

  • “REBO” – Rebuilt Outright – RB Railway Group supplies the core – no core is required from the customer.
  • “UTEX” – Unit Exchange – customer is required to supply the core, before or after RB Group ships the remanufactured unit.

We are capable of remanufacturing the following series units: