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Our crews can perform light to medium repairs to your locomotives or rail cars, all on your premises. We save you equipment downtime.


Remanufactured units refurbished with new parts. All repairs and sub-component replacements performed to the latest OEM standards.



If you require a locomotive, we have a supplier for you. Available “as-is, where-is” or with client-specified repairs and/or modifications.


We carry a line of track tools powered by small, portable engines. Ideal for areas where hydraulic power is unavailable or difficult to supply.


We supply diesel engine spare parts for several OEM brands. All parts meet or exceed OEM/OPM specifications. Many parts are supplied from our stock.



Macroflex designs and fabricates metal and rubber expansion joints for industrial, commercial and diesel exhaust applications. We work on piping projects with engineering companies.



Diesel Engine Replacement Parts

Diesel engine spare parts offered by RB Railway Group trace its origins back to 1968. That year, RB Railway Group’s president, Gerald Rosen co-founded Canada Allied Diesel and remained its president until company’s sale in 2007. During that period and under his leadership, CAD rose from its modest beginnings as an aftermarket spares supplier to offering complete engine and locomotive rebuilding services as well as rail car maintenance and repair.

Today, RB Railway Group continues that rich tradition under Mr. Rosen’s leadership. In complementing his experience, several seasoned railway engineers, marketing and sales experts and former Class I railroad technicians among our top management.

Our Diesel Engine Spare Parts Division specializes in OEM and aftermarket GE, EMD, Alco, and Wabco parts with selected items for other brands, such as Caterpillar, Wärtsilä, Waukesha, Pielstick and others. RB Railway Group has been expanding its presence in the locomotive, marine and gen-set segments with unmatched customer service, knowledgeable staff and professional business practices. We supply customers’ needs both in North America and in the overseas markets. Quality of our parts and adherence to the OEM standards is unmatched in the industry.

We are here to provide what you are looking for. We strive to supply every engine and locomotive user with the right component to keep their equipment working, and working safely.


Flexible Components

Pipe Motion Products section of RB Railway Group promotes an expansion joint and metal hose manufacturer – Macroflex Piping Systems. Macroflex’s principal begun his career in this area in 1977. His activities included founding and operating Railmex Flexible Systems Inc. between 1985 and 2008.

Today, the same principal, along with his engineering and production personnel operates Macroflex, extending a rich tradition in manufacturing and distribution of diesel exhaust systems, metal, rubber and ducting expansion joints for industrial, rail transit and marine applications. Our engineered, non-standard expansion joints and metal hose assemblies are designed to absorb piping thermal expansion eliminate vibration from engine sources, pumps, compressors and randomly moving equipment.

Our expertise begins with customer’s isometric drawings where we calculate piping movements and stresses. Further steps include suggesting anchors, supports and hanger placement. Finally, we design and fabricate an expansion joint to your particular application, all in accordance with EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturer’s Association) guidelines.

Our promise of Excellence in Design, Engineering and Manufacturing results in supply of superior products, guaranteed to give you years of trouble-free and safe service.


Diesel Engine Exhaust Systems

Macroflex traces its roots to Railmex Flexible Systems Inc., a company that started fabricating heavy diesel engine exhaust systems in 1985. All our exhaust components are made to original OEM drawings and met or exceed the quality of the original components. Our manufacturing expertise involves Alco/Bombardier, General Electric and EMD (General Motors) exhaust systems, along with selected bellows connectors for other engine brands. Although the core business remain the Alco-251, GE-7FDL and EMD 645 engines, our engineering department frequently develops existing aftermarket or new design exhaust parts. Among them are GE EVO series, various CAT manifolds, Waukesha, Wärtsilä, Fairbanks Morse and others.

Our global markets include:

  • Class I Railroads (US, Canada, Mexico)
  • Class II Railroads (typically regional railroads)
  • Class III Railroads (switchers, terminal, small local, scenic, historical)
  • Various size, unclassified international railroads
  • Government (Navy, Coast Guard)
  • Merchant Marine Fleet (worldwide)
  • Set Stations (municipalities, industry with continuous power needs, data centers, etc.)
  • Oil Industry (pipeline flow boosting stations, oil platforms, refineries, etc.)

RB Railway Group Inc. operates as a distribution arm of our manufacturing facility is uniquely positioned to combine its worldwide marketing and supply of diesel engine spare parts in offering exhaust components to the same marketplaces.


Mobile Railcar Repairs

It is not unusual for a freight car to need minor repairs while in transit or in your yard. Repairing rail cars is a normal part of our business and we provide a wide array of services to keep your cars moving. Contact us for details about maintenance and repairs available for your freight cars.

We can offer you the following services:

  • AAR M-1003 certified for freight car inspection and repair
  • Medium service general repairs; single car, mini or major programs
  • Air brake testing & cleaning
  • Welding

When you require railcar maintenance – whether scheduled or due to a bad order – RB Railway Group Inc. is your first choice for top-quality, professional and expedited services for nearly all types of railcars (excluding tank cars). Our mobile crews stand ready to respond to your service needs quickly and efficiently, at your location, so that revenue-producing rolling stock is back in action as soon as possible.

Railroads can issue bad orders for a variety of reasons, causing your railcar to be removed from revenue service and prohibited from normal operations until proper repairs have been made.

The range of issues can vary from a known defect in manufacturing to damage during car loading or unloading, wheels, braking system, body damage and more.

In addition, many railcar lessees are required to return the units in as-delivered condition. In virtually all cases, such railcars will need to be “shopped” for inspection and/or repairs to restore them to as-delivered condition.

RB Railway Group can assist you with railcar maintenance and repair issues. Our company is AAR M-1003 QA Certified, so you know you are receiving the highest level of railcar maintenance professionalism available today.


Asset Disposal

Eventually, your prime movers, switchers or rail cars reach the end of their useful life and can no longer be economically refurbished or repaired. At that point, the only remaining solution is scrapping. Our teams will dismantle and /or cut-up (if permissible) your retired units or wrecks on your premises across Canada. Alternately, if your rolling stock is still in transportable condition, we can provide a wider option of scrapping services at our yard in the Montreal area.

RB Railway Group Inc. has strong roots in recycling – in fact, it was one of the pillars of RB Group at its inception. While we have broadened our industry expertise to cover the entire rail value chain, our Recycling Division is still a major part of our company. Our ability to safely recycle material while extending the life of viable components allows us to provide incremental value for your scrap metal.  Our services enable our clients to manage their scrap as an asset.

Integration distinguishes our service, setting us apart from others in the industry. When locomotives and railcars are retired, we refurbish the reusable parts, incorporating them into our extensive inventory, and recycling what remains. The proceeds on the sale of the scrap can then be used to offset new equipment purchases or other services, to help positively affect our customers’ cash flow.


Engineering Services

RB Railway Group Inc. provides a variety of engineering services. Our activities in this area cover all stages of engineering development:

Concept, feasibility study, cost estimate, documentation, production supervision, project commissioning, etc.

  • Rolling Stock
  • Material Handling
  • Mechanical Structure
  • Mechanical Seal
  • Power Hydraulics
  • Pipe Stress Analysis – computerized study of your piping system, design to show motion and stresses at selected points under changing pressure and temperature conditions.
  • Piping System Design – calculation of thermal movements, placement of anchors, guides, supports and expansion joints.

All documentation may be (if required) endorsed by a professional engineer.

The scope of our involvement may be limited to one particular file or an entire project.

When applicable to Diesel Engine Components or Flexible Connectors, RB Railway Group Inc. provides you with a full scope of services for your project: from design stage to (reverse engineering or new parts design) production and supply.


Brokerage Services

RB Railway Group Inc. can supply you with locomotives for sale or lease through our brokerage business unit. We offer those services on “where-is, as is” basis, or by providing repair/modification services, as required by our clients.

RB Railway Group Inc. has provided locomotives, major components and replacement parts to several hundred rail clients since our founding. Heavy locomotive rehabilitation and upgrade programs are RB’s specialty.

A transaction flow may contain some or all of the following components:

  • we receive an inquiry for a locomotive(s) or engines with general specifications from our client (preferred make, model, condition).
  • we consult our inventory and look for available units among our many North American short line and industrial clients who have their own excess inventory.
  • we find the unit that is as requestedor as close to customer’s specifications as is possible. We may suggest a slightly different locomotive that could serve the customer needs better that originally specified.
  • we produce an inspection report with list of possible repairs (if needed) and presented to our client.
  • if a customer (based on our report) wishes to repair/upgrade/modernize the unit he is purchasing, we receive a list of desired repairs and/or modifications.

This may include items ranging from simple AAR inspection and fluids change to specified repairs and all the way to a new paint scheme. All that work would be done in an RB-affiliated repair facility at a previously agreed upon and itemized RB Railway group will secure all transit permits and ship the unit(s) to a customer-designated port of exit (if transported overseas).

  • RB Railway Group Inc. will secure all transit permits and ship the unit(s) to a customer-designated port of exit (if transported overseas).
  • once at destination, RB Group offers optionally setting up repair facilities (where previously non-existent or not set-up for newly acquired brand of motive power).
  • lastly, we offer a training program by our mechanics, technicians and/or engineers to ensure that your new facility is adequately ready to service your new purchase. We provide this service on any continent as designated by our intermediary client (investment/management company overseeing a railroad) of an end user.

Our mission is to meet our client’s price expectations with a selection of motive power (Alco, GE, EMD) that has adequate power for your hauling needs. Our reach is global – we can source in North America and move your newly acquired locomotive to as far as a remote track in Africa or just locally.


Reman Program

An engine is only as good as the parts inside it. Moreover, when your gas engine’s core parts are not in proper working order, engine efficiency declines – as can your overall profits. To increase performance, RB-REMAN – remanufactured core parts program for Alco, EMD and GE gas engines delivers genuine OEM or OPM parts that meet OEM’s exacting standards and specifications at a fraction of the cost of new core parts.

Customer Benefits

Increased uptime. With a long-standing reputation for durability, we understand that uptime is everything. That is why RB-REMAN program offers only new remanufactured – not just rebuilt components.

Enhanced reliability. No other parts provider offers our holistic and systematic engineering process to remanufacture reciprocating engine parts, and we back it up with our standard warranty covering progressive damages.

Lower operating costs. Our RB-REMAN parts are priced at approximately 30-40% lower than new genuine parts and are trusted to go the distance to maximize your ROI.

Smaller environmental impact. Our RB-REMAN parts deliver efficiencies for manufacturing material and energy consumption, making our operations as environmentally conscious, as you would make your engines perform.

Every RB-REMAN part is remanufactured to the original specifications – or the latest evolutionary specifications – and designed to deliver as good as or better than original performance. Using CNC technology in the remanufacturing process helps us achieve same high standards as original manufacturers (OEM) parts.

These commitments to quality help ensure that REMAN parts work effectively with other genuine mating parts to increase performance, decrease wear and reduce risk of defect.

We offer two types of programs:

  • “REBO” – Rebuilt Outright – RB Railway Group supplies the core – no core is required from the customer.
  • “UTEX” – Unit Exchange – customer is required to supply the core, before or after RB Group ships the remanufactured unit.

We are capable of remanufacturing the following series units: